You know the stereotypes: Americans are loud, Germans drink a lot, Asians are perverts. But what about Bulgarians, especially local women? Lots of Bulgarian mail order brides have been given weird characteristics based on their nationality or physical appearance. But are they completely fake?

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The most common Bulgarian stereotypes of women

What first comes to mind when you think of Bulgaria? Constant partying, huge families, and lots of cheap alcohol? Such stereotypes leave no place for real facts. Below, you’ll find the most popular Bulgarian women stereotypes and see which ones are false.

Bulgarian women dance all the time

It’s one of the most famous Bulgarian stereotypes. Indeed, dancing is part of the Bulgarian mentality. Local women love dancing their traditional horo during big celebrations and even on the streets. It is the reason for their amazing bodies.

Bulgarian stereotypes

Bulgarian women are weak

Spoiler alert: false. Bulgarian women have gone through decades of discrimination. But they’ve learned to defend their rights. Bulgarian ladies never ask a man for help but might crave roses from you.

Bulgarians girls are chubby and unhealthy

Again: not true. Sure, they may have an occasional kebab. Yet, they’re always worried about appearance. Better attend some gym classes before meeting Bulgarian beauties.

Bulgarian people characteristics

Their families are nuts

Yes, devotion to family is one of the notable Bulgarian people characteristics. But no, they’re not crazy! A Bulgarian woman will do you a big honor by inviting you to her family. You can drink rakia with her dad, dance with her mom, and go party with her brother.

Bulgarian women are boring

If you think that Bulgarian beauties are just about partying, forget it. They’re full of surprises. First, she’ll take you on a random trip. The next day, you’ll end up in an underground bar. And then, you’ll find yourself bungee jumping. Not so boring now, right?

How big is your wedding?

Most people believe that a typical wedding in Bulgaria has bagpipes, dancing in bright costumes, and rivers of rakia. While exaggerated, a wedding with a Bulgarian beauty is indeed a joy. Invite all your friends for even more fun!

Bulgarian women are crazy about roses

This one is a favorite among almost all Bulgarian ladies. Roses are universal flowers. Hence, a great gift for a girl. There are never too many roses, so get your wallet ready!

Bulgarian mentality

Bulgarian girls are rude

Never trust Bulgarian women stereotypes about their rudeness. It’s hard to drive a Bulgarian girl crazy. But if you do, she won’t allow herself to get into a heated argument in public. They don’t want to get a bad reputation because of some silly fight.

Now you know a bit more about Bulgarian mentality. You’ll probably start thinking differently about local women and their mindset! Better debunk all the negative myths before actually getting disappointed in people because of obviously fake facts.